I have bought more Triumph parts than I care to remember

I have bought more Triumph parts than I care to rememberThere are a lot of pleasures involved in owning a classic motorcycle. There are, however, also an awful lot of costs involved, both expected and unexpected. I personally have had to invest rather more money than I would have thought in buying Triumph parts. Even then, as a mechanic and garage owner, I know I am lucky. I can also say the same for my clients, since I found a supplier for my parts that provides whatever I need at a reasonable price. But I will come back to that in just a moment. First I would like to describe the joys and frustrations of owning a classic motorcycle to try to illustrate why it is so useful to find a trustworthy and reliable supplier of Triumph parts. You see, there is no greater pleasure for a classic motorcycle enthusiast than waking up on a spring morning, getting the bike out of the garage and flying down a country road, wind in your face and trees flashing by, while the bike roars underneath you. It is the reason that every classic motorcycle owner does what they do. There is, however, no greater frustration than waking up on a spring morning, going to the garage and finding that your beloved motorcycle has decided that it no longer wants to be a motorcycle and has stopped working. That is when you need to get the tools out, and if your bike is like mine, start searching through listings of Triumph parts.

Sourcing Triumph parts for my clients

Obviously as a garage owner and mechanic, I do not only buy motorcycle parts, or even Triumph parts, only for myself. A large proportion of my clients are motorcyclists and many of them have classics. That means that I am ordering Kawasaki, Honda, Harley Davidson and Triumph parts every week or more. Just like me, when my clients need these parts, it is because they are not able to get out on the open road with their beloved classic motorcycle. That means that they are in a hurry. I know how that feels, and I am always desperate to help them, besides the fact that the best way to guarantee loyal customers at my garage is to help everyone as quickly as possible. So I need a supplier of Triumph parts and similar items who is:

  • Quick;
  • Reliable;
  • Competitively priced;
  • Constantly available;
  • Well stocked.

Only when I have a supplier available to me who meets all of these conditions am I able to keep my clients a happy as I would like them to be and to get them out on the road and enjoying their motorcycles again.

The best supplier I have found

Through the years I have used plenty of different suppliers, and even now I have to branch out sometimes. When I can, though, I choose to buy all classic motorcycle parts, and especially my own Triumph parts, from a Dutch company called Double R Parts. I can search for they parts I need on their website www.doublertrading.com and placing an order is as easy as can be. Every part that I have ordered from them, be it Triumph parts of for other motorcycle brands, has been of the highest quality and everything has arrived on time. A service like that is invaluable for anyone in my position, be it as a motorcycle enthusiast or as a garage owner and mechanic, and I know for sure that each of my clients appreciates it as well.